Do you feel like getting and KEEPING your dream body and healthy lifestyle is almost impossible? Cravings and sugary snacks keep getting the better of you?

My 6 Week Rebelle Makeover will give you everything you need to quit the sugar, bloat and lose inches, even if you have a hectic schedule and have already tried everything under the sun











Isn’t it time you stopped looking for short-cuts, or quitting sugar for a week, only to give up when the next event, holiday or other ‘life’ thing pops up? Now is the time to commit to a real-life solution that allows you still have a life AND get that enviable body you know you deserve.

Since you’re reading this I think I know a bit about your situation. You’ve bought countless diet books and detoxes and maybe even invested in a few of those incredibly dull shake plans.  

You’ve probably tried some of those 2 week body makeover programs that you see on Instagram and that have worked for your friends or family, but yet...

Even after living on rabbit food, quitting carbs at 8pm and giving up what feels like everything you love, you still haven’t achieved the body you’ve always dreamed. You can’t help reach for the sugar tin when you’re tired, stressed or simply in need of a pick me up and you can’t face the thought of NEVER being able to eat with your family and friends like a ‘normal’ person.

Here’s the hidden truth…something most fitness professionals don’t want you to know.

It’s not your fault and you’re not alone.


Have you ever struggled and felt frustrated with something like this:

You’ve hopped from diet plan to diet plan… convinced yourself you WILL love kale and spent fortunes on foods you hate in the name of clean eating… only to quit a few weeks later because you don’t see results or you can’t make it work in real life.

You’ve committed to cutting down on sugary foods and skipping the snacking and although you dropped a few pounds at first, progress stalls after a few weeks, you get hungry and after seeing the scales come to a screeching halt your motivation vanishes and the cookies come right back.

Every time you hit up social media or open a mag you see another way you can eat better for instant weight loss but everyone’s telling you different things and you have no idea what’s really going to work. So you either try everything for 3 days at a time and don’t stay consistent OR you stay in overwhelm and tell yourself you’ll start after the next big life event (there’s always something to stop you from taking action isn’t there?)

Even though you know it’s too good to be true, you’ve tried the pricey supplements that take inches off your bank account instead of your body.

You’ve tried to out-exercise a less-than-stellar diet but despite hitting the treadmill once or twice a week or even more, you’re not seeing results. In fact, you reward yourself for all your hard work with a tasty treat!

I’m here to let you know what you don’t have to stay stuck and struggling anymore

My friend, there’s so much info out there on how to eat for weight loss or how to cut sugar for a lean body and some of it’s great, but honestly, a LOT of it’s designed to feed the money making machine and keep you stuck and frustrated. Who will buy the magazines if you’ve got it all figured out, right?

Enrolment closes SOON
We start 18th September

Spaces are extremely limited, so snag your spot NOW and get instant access to your members area and our private group!

But if you want to finally break free and create an amazing vibrant YOU for life, you need a system that:

  • Fits around your lifestyle sustainably (work, family and everything else!)
  • Is based in science and proper nutrition.
  • Doesn’t overwhelm you but leads you from step one towards your goals
  • Follows a simple, easy to follow format doesn’t dig away at time for your family, work or you!
  • Offers practical guidance on HOW to make it work from a coach who gets it and knows what you’re trying to juggle.
  • Gives you the support, accountability and commitment to finally get results.
  • To put it in other words… a method that’s balanced for long term results.

    I know you want instant results...

    ...and it’s tempting to go for those extreme makeovers and crazy diet programs that promise you the world in less than a few days. Our society conditions us to want what we want NOW and we believe there’s shortcut for everything, if only we knew the magic secret or spent more money. The problem is that they don’t work and they aren’t sustainable.  


    Truthfully, I know you handle A LOT daily, and you’re already busy with work or taking care of family members (there’s no holiday for that is there?) ...and then there’s the other stuff, like having a social life, household maintenance, admin..before you know it it feels like there’s nothing left.

    So you’re probably thinking how on earth could I have time to focus on my health and wellbeing on top of everything else?

    How can anyone do this consistently? Believe it or not, you can!

    Let me ask you, what would it mean to you if you could implement a simple, proven, low sugar, lean and tasty nutrition and lifestyle strategy that fitted around your life?


    • You’ll feel confident and empowered knowing that you’re finally meeting your needs after years of putting others first.
    • You’ll enjoy feeling vibrant and energised while still meeting work, family, and social obligations…and you won’t have to give up your favourite chill out activities or social life.
    • You’ll feel confident strolling along the beach or splashing in the pool… knowing that you have finally created the body that’s the envy of others!
    • You’ll have the know-how to create your best self on your own terms, without deprivation, extreme diets or insane workout programs that would even have a Crossfitter squealing.
    • You’ll feel guilt-free and able to enjoy the foods you love with friends or at events and STILL hit your weight loss goals. (There IS a place for chocolate in your future, because a low sugar, leaner lifestyle doesn’t mean never enjoying the small pleasures in life.)


    Maybe you’re thinking that this sounds unbelievable, I know that I certainly didn’t think it was possible for me either, but before I let you know how it works, let me tell you a story:

    Hi, I’m Elle Kealy,

    Women’s fitness expert, certified nutrition coach and ex-professional dancer, rebel, mum, sci-fi geek.

    I’m not a fitness model or competitor. In fact, as a busy mum of little kiddos and business owner I often feel like things get crazy and  I know how impossible it can seem to make ‘being healthy’ simple.

    But I have to tell you…since figuring out how to cut out the junk from my diet without hours in the kitchen and how to combat cravings using simple strategies (and how to be a bit more organised!)  I’m in the best shape of my life, even though I’m closer to 40 than 20. (sssshhhh).

    I’ve discovered through my own journey that creating your best body isn’t about doing an extreme workout program or putting yourself through an intense diet or fad while feeling miserable.

    It’s all about finding balance that works for your body and allows you to live your life while feeling in charge of your well-being.

    … It’s also about finally figuring out what works for your body and your life.


    (Because I love chocolate, but I hate feeling ugh!)

    Over the past 5 years, I made it my mission to learn everything I could about women’s fitness, the female metabolism,  optimal nutrition and weight loss. I’ve been privileged to help hundreds of women achieve their goals over the years that I’ve been a trainer, nutrition coach and women’s fitness expert so I know that if it works for them it will work for you too.

    After spending nearly 15 years as a professional dancer, I had my children took a break from dance. I completed an intensive training as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. When I began working exclusively with women to help them reach their fitness goals I realised that on top of loving movement, a healthy happy relationship with food is the key to a leaner more energised body. I loved seeing the success of my clients as they found new confidence, rekindled their love of their bodies and found the success they’d been looking for… long term.

    I’ve spent years studying cravings, hormones and how to combat the obstacles that stand in your way using real food, not fad diets, or instant-fix shake plans.  In 2014 I launched Rebelle, a 10 Week Fitness and Food Makeover REVOLUTION designed for my private clients who wanted to know how to feel energised and healthy while trying to juggle family, work and even travel.  

    But I wanted to do more…


    I knew that in order to truly help people get results that last I need to take it a step further and create nutrition program that’s so simple you’ll never need another diet book or diet plan again. I didn’t want to give my clients a pdf recipe plan and tell them to eat if for life. That’s not a long term solution is it?

    Instead, I wanted to create a plan that would enable people to enjoy permanent change… with lasting motivational strategies and nutritional concepts that were easy to follow, simple to implement, and that could easily fit into a busy lifestyle.

    Throughout the years I’ve tried just about every approach out there all while juggling motherhood and my work and I can tell you that if it’s complicated or uninspiring it won’t stick!

    After refining my methods with private clients and helping countless women through my premium coaching programs and seeing the results they’ve achieved (WITHOUT deprivation or counting calories all the time) I knew the time was right to put all of this out there for more people to access.

    Now my years of expertise, training and research can help you finally achieve the body YOU want!


    Check out what others have said about my programs:

    “When I first started, I needed to lose weight after giving birth to my second child. I thought that [Elle and her team] was excellent, professional, and caring! When I finished the program, I dropped two sizes….I’ve also grown to understand the importance of food choice and regular exercise, and for me it’s very important to know what food to choose for myself and my family. The biggest compliment I’ve gotten? My girls look at me differently now and we all know that kids don’t lie!” - Diana

    “Before I joined the program, I struggled with balanced eating and knowing what types of food suited me. I liked the positive approach—Elle clearly knows her stuff. I have not been able to implement everything already but that wasn't the goal. I wanted to feel more balanced, fitter, and slimmer which I DO feel. I have lost a few kilograms of bloat, and I feel armed and ready to continue. I have also started eating a bit of meat as it shocked me when I got my blood test results. Knowing I was a carb addict and even if I wasn't stuffing my face with sweets, my blood sugars weren't great. After the program, I felt less stressed, and it must show because people tell me I seem happier and more in control—and not so puffy anymore! This program has taught me that I can be kind to myself and still get results!” - Elissa

    “Week 1 is over and I have already lost 3 pounds! I feel more committed to change than ever! This program is so easy to follow!” - Kathleen, 42

    “I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and I’ve been dieting for as long as I can remember. This is the first time I finally feel like I CAN lose weight – and it’s not a chore to do so! Thanks so much!” - Sophie, 31

    “This program has changed my life. Who knew that in 6 weeks, you’d really be able to discover which foods work for your body? I sure didn’t! But now I totally get how to eat right for my body and take care of myself. Thanks for setting me up for success and making it so easy!” - Emily, 38

    "Quite frankly - it’s been an absolutely fantastic experience. [Elle] was instrumental in helping me change my eating habits - not only in the beginning but the suggestions she gave me have permanently found their way into my daily diet. Elle is tough but understanding, perceptive in figuring out how hard she can push you whilst still keeping motivation levels high and she’s really good fun! Now, 5 months on, thanks to Elle I have reached many of my health and fitness goals and am just really comfortable in my skin again. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" - Stacy W

    "I've loved this program! It's not easy to find a coach who gets how hard it is to lose weight with kids and work commitments but Elle's been there and done it. I've stuck with it and I've reached my goals before my program even finished!" - Claire P

    “Now, I notice that I have much more energy in my daily life. I'm able to accomplish much more in my private and work life. Juggling mommy duties with work and other daily needs is not an easy feat, but being healthy has helped make it possible.” Roomila C

    This is not a quick fix, a fad program or a detox.

    THE REBELLE MINI MAKEOVER is a 6-week, easy to follow nutrition-only program that puts all of my expertise and know-how that I use with my private clients in your hands.

    Keep it simple and make weight loss and healthy eating easy.


    It's simple and will work 'in Real Life'

    My 6- Week Rebelle Mini Makeover program is designed to provide a simple step-by-step system that fits in your daily life easily so that you can:

    • Achieve your weight loss goals even if you’re already tried other diet or exercise programs without success.

    • Enjoy incredible energy through culinary-nutritionist-created eating guidelines, that you can do anywhere, anytime.
    • Enjoy the foods you love, no guilt and no deprivation, nothing is off limits!

    • Drastically improve your confidence, clear brain fog and beat the 3pm slump with simple sugar-free tactics that keep you lean, healthy and craving-free.

    • Reverse the ageing process and enjoy better skin and sleep, while getting yourself on track for a long, healthy life.

    • Look amazing in the clothes you’ve been dying to get into again.

    • Benefit the strength within that grows from being a role-model for your family, partner or friends.


    I get it, as a mum with hardly any time I realise that you’ve got to be able to make this work in your life, which is why we’ve focused on giving you easy-to-implement strategies that you can take into the real world, all in digestible chunks so that you can follow in your own time.

    I know your kids won’t eat weird foods and you don’t have time to prepare all your meals from scratch every single day, nor do you want to live off pills and shakes, which is why the entire program is designed to help you get results and then get off meal plans and out into the real world, armed with everything you need.

    The Rebelle 6 Week Mini Makeover can revolutionise your body and health without stress.

    WEEK 1: RESET - Get Set Up for Success and Prep Yourself for Lifelong Change

    You'll be given simple steps to clear out the junk (mental and physical) ahead of your transformation. 

    You'll get access to your members only site, our exclusive Facebook Group (where I hang out to help you) and you'll end the week with a clear roadmap of how to reach your goals.

    WEEK 2: REVIVE - Kickstart Fat Loss and Clear Out the Junk

    This week is all about kicking into action. We do that with a 14-day culinary nutritionist-created eating plan to get the body into fat-burning mode, to balance blood sugars and to kill cravings.

    As a bonus we'll share a bundle of nutritionist-created filling, no-fuss meal ideas you can prep fast. You’ll get recipes, shopping lists, guides – the whole shebang.

    We even give you the lowdown on how to eat out, travel or make your own meals with ease.  You'll lose inches and drop cravings fast.

    WEEK 3: REMODEL - Accelerate Your Results:

    You'll discover your unique metabolic type, just how much sugar and starch you can eat and still lose weight and we'll give you a personalised program to match your body type. 

    We share the science behind what we're doing so you're empowered to make great choices. Never rely on a dodgy blog post to inform you again! Get the lowdown from a qualified expert. 

    WEEK 4: REFUEL – “Healthify” Your Life (Without Feeling Bored)

    During Week 4, you’ll discover our best-kept secrets to spicing up your meals so you maintain a healthy lifestyle without feeling bored and unfilled.

    Portion control, how to modify family favourites, how to whip up something in 10's all here.  To make this work you've got to know how to put the program to work inside YOUR life. This is where we do that, together.

    WEEK 5: RELAX – Target Trouble Spots (With Sleep)

    During Week 5, we'll teach you how to burn fat, even while you rest. You see, fat loss isn’t just about calories, food and exercise. Hormones too play a key role in losing weight, and in Week 5, we’ll discuss how you can create “hormonal harmony” to reach your lean body goals faster.

    PLUS, we'll also reveal what you can do to boost your metabolism and power up your results.

    WEEK 6: REFOCUS - Up Your Inner Game So You Can Stick with It for a Lasting, Lean Life

    During Week 6, we’ll blast through common obstacles to success, like “I’ve got no time!” or “This will never work for me!” with the exact strategies my clients continue to use to transform negative thoughts into powerful, positive results.

    You’ll also discover how to:

    Handle social situations and peer pressure so eating out or eating with friends is a breeze
    Deal with failures and setbacks without guilt so you can sustain your healthy lifestyle long-term
    Keep track of your progress without being a slave to the scale.



    (worth over $2500)

    “Make It Stick” Motivation and Mindset Course - (value $297)

    Master the skills for long term change so that you can break free from yo-yo and so-so monotony. 

    The Rebelle Magic Time Finder Planner (value $57) you can ensure there’s always room for you in your schedule

    12 months of access to our private membership site (value over $500):

    Challenges, workout programs, webinars, events and priority sign up to customised high level programs from experts in women’s health, fitness & success. 

    A Personalised Rebelle Real Food Recipe e-Book and Shopping Lists (value $870)

    Created by a nutritionist and chef and tailored to your body type, a complete bundle to keep forever!

    Rebelle Smoothie Guide and Cheatsheet(value $99)

    Beat the clock with delicious and easy to make go-anywhere meals in a glass!

    “Freedom Foodie” Program (value $297)

    Learn how to eat all the foods you love and lose weight with this fitness professional system gives you complete freedom, never diet again.

    Private Facebook Group Access

    Direct Access to Elle : Throughout the six-week program, you’ll be able to connect with Elle one-on- one in our Members Lounge.  It’s like having your own coach looking over your shoulder to make sure you are as successful of possible!

    LIVE Coaching Webinar (value $399)

    A LIVE kick off webinar where you’ll get the chance to ask Q’s and have a women’s fitness expert advise you on how to make the most of Rebelle.


    Lighter, brighter, more energised and finally free from bloat, cravings and unwanted pounds.

    You're held accountable & motivated

    When you join The Rebelle 6 Week Mini Makeover today, you get the entire six-week system, carefully designed to help you finally achieve the sugar free weight loss results you want.

    And because this is a sustainable program and not an intense body-building type nutrition program or diet you’ll be able to get those lasting easy results you’ve always wanted.

    PLUS… you’ll be able to personally tap into my years of research, training and experience throughout the six-week program! I’ll be there throughout the program inside our group to connect with you so this is your chance to coach with me and get my personal support and feedback as you go along.

    Will YOU be the next REBELLE success story?

    For just $3.50 per day, less than a cup of coffee or that snack bar and takeout you’re trying to ditch, you can FINALLY break free from the sugar free, weight loss roller coaster and achieve that svelte, gorgeous craving-free body you’ve always wanted.

    Coaching with Elle privately through the full Rebelle program costs thousands of dollars but now you can access the 6 week program for a fraction of the investment and see the same results for yourself.

    That’s right… the cost for the entire REBELLE Mini Makeover program, including access to our support group, downloads, membership site, bonuses worth over $2500 and regular updates from Elle is so affordable that the only thing standing in your way, is you.




    (Pay $67 now then 2 monthly payments)





    Save over $50 for full program payment

    JOIN and SAVE $50


    We’re certain this program will revolutionize the way you think about your food and give you some body rockin’ results, too! However, we only want you to continue on with Rebelle if you’re thrilled and excited about indulging in all the tips and secrets we share to help you drop sugar, bloat and inches.

    That’s why, if you’re not completely satisfied, you can contact us for a full refund within 6 months. (Obviously, we hope you've applied what you've learnt, because if you do, you'll feel AY.MAY.ZING.) but if it doesn't work for you, no problem!

    Answers To Your Lingering Questions

    Q: Is there a vegetarian meal plan for Rebelle?

    A: Not for the current cycle. We're working on releasing vegetarian and vegan meal plans very soon. You can still join the program and substitute your proteins for other ingredients if you wish. 

    Q: I have food allergies and intolerances, can I do Rebelle?

    A: Yes, just contact us and we'll offer some advice on swapping out anything you can't eat. This is all about making it work for your body, not blindly following our recipes. 

    Q: I've just had a baby, is Rebelle suitable for me?

    A: Yes but we don't recommend that you diet or take part in the Revive part of our program while breastfeeding. Simply SKIP to the 3rd week of the program. We DO recommend that you use Rebelle to fill up your plate with lots of lovely proteins, veggies and real foods. 

    Q: I'm travelling during the program dates, what happens?

    A: You can absolutely follow Rebelle while travelling! In fact, we have a dedicated training module to cover how to handle social situations, plane food, travel and eating out. We encourage you to live your life as normal and practice your new skills in the real world.  

    Q: How is my body type decided?

    A: When you sign up, we'll ask you to complete a metabolic profile analysis that we use to determine the best match diet and exercise program for you. This is the exact process a high-level trainer would run through to get you optimal results. We also offer DNA testing for clients who wish to get more scientific! 

    Q: I have a medical condition, can I do the program?

    A: We always suggest that you consult your healthcare practitioner before starting any new program and if you have a medical condition that affects your ability to participate, please get clearance from the doc first. Nothing inside our program can be used to treat a medical condition.

    Q: When are you running the next round?

    A: We're not sure yet. Rebelle opens periodically throughout the year, at the moment the start date listed here is the only open program and your chance to be where you want to be just 6 weeks from now.

    Q: How long do I have to complete the program?

    A: We'll be with you for 6 weeks but you can stay in our Facebook group and retake your program at anytime. It's yours to keep! 


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